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New single, “Slay Ride”, is out

Updated: Sep 30, 2021


Adam "Mrs. Claus" Lentine - The Drum

Bob The Elf - Rhythm Guitar

Ovatus - Lead Guitar

ManDeer- BASS

Vic Frost - Vocals

This is a parody of "Slow Ride" by Foghat Parody

vocals by: Vic Frost

Directed and Produced by: Vic Valentino

Filmed by: Alex Pickel and El Ripper Steve Spencer

Edited by: Dusty Mullholland, and Vic Valentino

Makeup Artist: Stake McAskill

Uncle Satan as himself

Frankenweed's Monster as himself

Satanic Bride - (Herself) Keegan Bain

Gift Cop - Stake McAskill

Merry Onlookers: Christina Brown Foresta, Korri Flint Lowell, Jocelyn, Jeff Page, David Adrience

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