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This is the OFFICIAL website for everything MANDEER! Take a deep dive into ManDeers world. May I suggest we start from the beginning? Watch "ManDeer Origins" to fully immerse yourselves into the FrostbiteBC Universe. After that you'll be ready to partake in the triumphant music video "ManDeer"! Now that you've been rocked out, we can begin the process of getting to know the full band with the "FrostbiteBC Holiday Spectacular". There is still much more stories to be told, but those will be for another day. 

ManDeer Origins part 2

ManDeer Origins part 1

ManDeer Official Music Video

FrostbiteBC Holiday Spectacular


ManDeer also does animations for Channel Attitude, Vine Russo & Hamin Media Group Patreon "Master Shoot Theatre".

Here are all the links to their content:


Solo Music

Listen to the raw soul of ManDeer screaming out in pain with his bass forged by Satan. 

Dark Bass
Deep Thought


The only fully licensed ManDeer merchandise available in the world. 

ManDeer shirts.png
ManDeer shirt_.png
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